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  • When arriving to San Andrés Island

    While flying, fill out the tourist card to enter the island. Have the hotel address and flight details on hand. This tourist card is usually purchased before boarding the flight to San Andrés and costs around 33 USD. Upon arrival, show it, and keep a copy to show it when leaving the island.

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  • Important

    Always carry only what’s necessary for each ride or tour. Don’t carry your original documents; leave them in the hotel, take a photocopy of them with you and keep scanned copies in your e-mail. Since it is a beach destination, you can have accidents or lose your belongings, and that is something difficult to solve on the island.

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  • Activities

    In the morning: Go to beach or visit the nearby islands, do kayaking, sailing, kitesurfing, diving or other water sports, or begin the ride around the island...

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25 Things to do In San Andres

San Andrés Island, as well as all the Caribbean islands, has a lot of activity both during the day and during the night. This list of 25 things to do in San Andrés is an invitation to try what many times our visitors don’t do, simply because they don’t know. We hope you do all of them, or that only one or two of these things remain missing.

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Top 5 Places for Diving in San Andrés

This is the most common and traditional tour. It is best to take it with no hurries, as the island is only 25 km2, and if you do it fast, you won’t enjoy everything you will find along the way. You can either rent a golf cart, a “mule” (super-charged golf cart) or a bicycle, depending on your physical condition and budget.

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